Jim McCullagh, Founder

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What kind of organization is The ToyMakers?     We are a not-for-profit corporation - IRS approved 501(c)(3) - organization that consists entirely of volunteers who make simple wooden toys for sick and needy children in the Tampa Bay area. All of our toys are designed to be safe and contain no nails, screws, or staples. We use child-safe paint and round off all sharp corners. We  currently have approximately 90 men and women who devote their time to making toys. Several thousand toys are completed and donated every three months. Since 1982, we have donated over 350,000 toys to sick and needy children primarily in the Tampa Bay area but also to other countries through missionary and military friends. We survive solely on the generosity of our sponsors and fellow toy makers. One hundred percent of all materials and money donated to our organization is used in the making of these toys. Distribution of our toys is directly to the children through well recognized agencies.

Our History:      The ToyMakers began in 1982 when Jim McCullagh was advised that his grandchild didn't have any toys to play with while in All Children's Hospital in St. Petersburg, Florida. He realized that there was a need there and enlisted the help of his boy-hood friend, Bruce Pahl. They and their wives started making simple, colorful wooden toys. These toys were given to All Children's Hospital, then to local Ronald McDonald Houses, and other local agencies. The ToyMakers grew by word of mouth and they eventually found themselves sending toys, at their own expense, to several other states. The ToyMakers tradition continues today. We have made and distributed over 350,000 toys to this date. All are wooden, no metal anywhere, and brightly colored. We have even made a special toy that has a "handle" for children with Muscular Dystrophy. We respond to all calls for support for children in physical or emotional distress. We are always adding new Friends in the United States as well as in other countries. Throughout the years The ToyMakers have been blessed with individuals and organizations who have donated monies and products. When you consider that we go through 80,000 to 90,000 various size wheels, thousands of dowels for axles, and untold gallons of spray and liquid paints every year, not to mention repairs to our machines, you can understand our very deep appreciation of those who support us.   Thank you for stopping by and taking the time to look through The ToyMakers web-site to learn about us. If you wish to support us by donation of funds or products, or if you know of an agency who cares for children in need, Contact Us. If you would like to start your own chapter of The ToyMakers, Contact Us for information and plans. There are so many children out there that we can help. Our Mission is to provide brightly painted, simple wooden toys to children in physical or emotional distress. Our Goal is to start chapters of The ToyMakers across the United States, supporting Ronald McDonald Houses and nearby agencies who care for our children.