We are looking to find both individuals and organizations that would like to help the ToyMakers reach their goal of providing a steady flow of wooden toys to the sick and needy children in the Tampa Bay area.  Since there is a large demand, we would also like to increase the number of actual ToyMakers so that more toys can be produced.

As an individual with any time available, we have a variety of jobs to choose from.  You can work at our workshop or take work home.  Several members like to paint, so they take toys home to paint and return them when they are done.  You are under no schedule and work at your own pace.  You can pick one operation you like and just do that; for example, sanding, drilling holes, painting, or assembling toys.  Some members have home workshops and like to build toys from scratch to completion.  You pick your level of involvement and what you would like to do.  Know nothing:  We will teach you everything you need to know to build toys!  We furnish all the paint, the wood, and the supplies you need -  there is no cost to you other than your donation of time.

We survive on donations that come from both organizations and individulas.  We need donations of material such as wood and equipment.  We need money donations to buy wheels, axles, paint, and supplies such as sandpaper, saw blades, drills etc.   For example, we buy over 80,000 wheels a year.   100% of all donations goes to the supplies and material required to make these toys.  No one receives any compensation for their time. 

To make a donation to ToyMakers, you may click on the "Donate" button below (secured PayPal processing) to pay by PayPal or credit card or you may make a check payable to The ToyMakers Inc. and mail to:

ToyMakers, c/o Bill Coccia, President, 4816 Fort Peck Road, New Port Richey, FL  34655    or

ToyMakers, c/o Carl Hansen, Treasurer, 10518 Miracle Ln, New Port Richey, FL   34654

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