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ToyMakers News Letter

For all of us that know Bill Coccia,  we know how much time and effort that Bill devotes every week to ToyMakers.  On every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday he is at the shop giving direction and answering questions.  On Tuesday and Thursday he is getting materials such as wood, paint, and supplies, or taking machines in for repair etc.  After the shop closes, he is painting wheels or repairing machines.   He is at every fund raising event, and is so concerned about the safety and quality of toys that we give to the sick and needy children of Tampa Bay.  Bill, know that we love you and appreciate everything you do to continue to make ToyMakers what it is!  God Bless You!  -   The ToyMakers

Bill Coccia honored for years of service!

For several years now, The ToyMakers have made donations to Everyday Blessings, Inc.   Everyday Blessings is an organization that takes care of children from babies to 17 years old that have been taken from their parents do to abuse and neglect.  They get some support from the state but need donations of clothes, toys, books, and food to keep going.  This is what the ToyMakers have provided in the past and just recently on a special delivery.  These children have nothing - so used clothes, etc. mean so much to them.  It is our hope that we as ToyMakers can continue to help support Everyday Blessings.  Thanks to all that have donated.  Along with clothes, toys, books, and games this year, we provided a check for $180 to help out which came from individual ToyMakers making personal donations. 

Everyday Blessings receives donations from The ToyMakers